Mount Saint Joseph Gift Shop Volunteers share laughter, memories and joy during the holidays

Jan 4, 2019 | News

Mount Saint Joseph Gift Shop Volunteers enjoyed the holiday cheer at MSJ!Mount Saint Joseph Gift Shop Volunteers enjoyed the holiday cheer at MSJ!

Last month, Mount Saint Joseph Gift Shop Volunteers gathered together at MSJ to enjoy a warm holiday lunch and to share stories and memories in light of Christmas.

Many of the MSJ Gift Shop Volunteers chuckled trying to recall their years of volunteer experience at MSJ as well as the friendships they've built over the past several years. Angelita remembers joining the MSJ Gift Shop as a volunteer after retiring from her job and realizing that she disliked staying at home. That's when she found out about volunteer opportunities at MSJ. It was a perfect match since the hospital was nearby Angelita's home and was a safe and warm space to meet new friends and help staff and patients alike. 

Lorraine chimes in and said she also decided to drop by one day after retiring as a full-time nurse and she's never looked back.

When asked about what keeps them coming back to MSJ as volunteers, everyone agrees that it's the culture and act of giving back and being of service that draws them to MSJ, year in and year out. 

Lastly, one of the most senior and experienced Gift Shop volunteer, Carol, who's volunteered at MSJ for over 20 plus years, adds that her favourite part of volunteering at MSJ Gift Shop is the feeling of warmth and joy when helping others, especially the patients who often come into MSJ during challenging times. Carol also notes that while it may seem like she's at the Gift Shop to volunteer and help others, she also believes that she's learning from others and being supported by her fellow Gift Shop Volunteers and the people within MSJ. 

As a closing note, when asked about what they're most excited for as volunteers at MSJ, they mention continuing to work with the other Gift Shop volunteers, meet new people, and to be inspired by others' stories.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who commit their time to supporting Providence staff and residents and continuing our mission of meeting the needs of those we serve through compassionate care and volunteer work.  

Want to learn more about MSJ Gift Shop and how it supports patient care and programs? Visit the MSJ Gfit Shop to chat with our incredible volunteers this new year!

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What a happy looking bunch! We are lucky to have such lovely ladies here at MSJ!

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