Mount Saint Joseph Residence Highlights for 2015

Dec 17, 2015 | News

Warmest greetings to all from our home at Mount Saint Joseph Residence! As 2015 quickly draws to a close, we want to pause for a moment to remember and appreciate all that has happened this year. Above all, we are thankful that we live in a safe and peaceful country.

One of our major highlights was the celebration of Chinese New Year. This year was the year of the Sheep. Residents and staff were proudly dressed in traditional Chinese outfits to show off their very best. The dragon’s dance was outstanding and really brought joyful smiles to our residents’. Residents and families were delighted to have their photos taken with the Chinese Fortune God, who had come to bring them good luck to last through the New Year.

Next, we had a very special visit from the contestants of Miss Chinese Vancouver and the multi-talented Sunshine Nation performers. They entertained our residents with a mix of traditional and modern dance, as well as some singing.

With the generous support from the Eden Grant, our residents were blessed with the opportunity to hand-wrap over 100 sticky rice dumplings and show off their hidden cooking talents. The Casino Fun Day was a great success where our residents and staff had a fantastic time gaming for some luck.

We also brought India to our residents’ home with the recent celebration of the Diwali Festival. The extravagant, multicolor Indian costumes worn by staff and the beautiful décor helped to stimulate our residents’ visual senses. Our talented nurse and RCA, who are two parts of The Gurpreets Dance Duo, performed their cultural Indian dance to entertain our residents and staff. This was a true collaborative effort among all staff at MSJ residence to make this event an unforgettable one.

Lastly we had an early Christmas Family Night Celebration to wrap things up for the year. Residents, families and staff enjoyed the beautiful Christmas Carols sung by a professional opera performer. The glittering Christmas lights and decorations helped to enhance the spirit of Christmas. The amount love and joy expressed by families to their elderly parents and grandparents brings back the true meaning of Christmas.

May we continue to celebrate traditions and show our love and care for those around us as we enter into the New Year!