Movember- A Month Dedicated to Men's Health & Wellness

Nov 2, 2016 | News

Some of us have men in our lives who are the strong silent type. Some of us share our lives with men who promise to get active “tomorrow” and some of us have a man in our life who likes to say it’s “nothing” even when struggling with a physical or mental illness. If you are a man who recognizes yourself in any of these scenarios, please think about making your health and wellness a priority during Movember.

Movember started as a simple challenge in 2004 by 30 Australian men to grow a moustache for 30 days to raise the awareness of prostate cancer and depression in men. Movember has become a worldwide campaign to raise the awareness of men’s health in general. You can find resources for yourself or the men in your life at:

  • Check out the PHC Staff Mental Health & Mental Wellness toolkit

  • Movember Foundation Canada

  • Diamond Centre VGH: “One major goal of MHIBC (Men’s Health Initiative BC) is to provide practical, current, comprehensive health information in an organized and understandable format.” Find resources, brochures and a list of helpful websites here.
  • Health initiative for men (strengthening the health and well-being of gay men)

Let’s encourage and show our support for men’s health & wellness in November, by growing a moustache, wearing a moustache or pinning a moustache on your lapel.

Gentlemen, why not make Movember all about you and your health and wellness? Talk about it, get the check-up you’ve been putting off, start being active, check in with your family and friends-take action!

Don’t forget to check PHC News next week to read inspirational “Change One Thing” stories and to find out the group and individual health and wellness prize winners.

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