National Immunization Awareness week at PHC

As health care workers, we run the risk of being exposed to a number of common communicable diseases. 

The vaccinations recommended for health care workers are:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, Mumps,  Rubella
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria
  • Varicella 

The BC Centre for Disease Control has recently added Polio as a recommended vaccine as well.

These immunizations are provided free of charge to health care workers, while Hepatitis A and Shingles are not as health care workers are not considered at risk to those diseases through their work.  Exposure to tuberculosis is prevalent, so baseline testing and post exposure testing is available.  Please check the OH&S intranet website for further information.

Herd Immunity

In the past, there were enough children and adults getting immunized that “herd immunity” existed and the common communicable diseases couldn’t be transmitted indiscriminately. 

That has since changed and we are now seeing a resurgence of these common communicable diseases, such as measles.  The best protection against these communicable diseases is immunization which, while not mandatory in health care, is highly recommended. 

Vaccinations can be provided by our own Occupational Health Clinic Nurses (Nhaji Urrutia and Adele Voth), or through any pharmacist or physician.  TB skin testing is only done by our clinic nurses at this time (so not available from a pharmacist). 

PHC’s Immunization Status

At PHC, our current overall immunization status is low at 20.51%, with our high risk areas being only at 18.65% compliance. Those rates need to improve because if there is an exposure of one of these diseases, we would not be able to staff the affected units as you are not able to work unless your immunization status is known.  Please check our website for a clinic near you

Immunizations do not cause autism or contain harmful traces of preservatives such as thimerosal or formaldehyde and do not contain any live virus. 

Be an immunization champion and get your vaccinations or records up to date.  If you don’t know your immunization status, contact either Nhaji (x62719) or Adele (x78750). You can also book a clinic for your unit with Nhaji or Adele.

Thank you,

Sandy Coughlin

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