New Staffing Services Redesign Project Launches

Jun 11, 2020 | News

Submitted on behalf of the of the Executive Steering Committee, Staffing Services Redesign.

Earlier this year, a review of People Staffing at Providence provided some recommendations to enhance our staffing service delivery model. Going further back, several other reviews undertaken over the years have similarly identified opportunities for improvement. Yet despite solid momentum to enhance staffing services and resources focused on driving improvements forward, Providence has not been able to achieve sustained improvement.

Factors like CST last year and the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic this year, have impacted our people and projects dedicated to improving this essential service that is critical to supporting patient and resident care, a positive staff experience and organizational spending. While CST identified some significant gaps and the current public health crisis has our people and resources stretched, we are taking this time and the knowledge we have gained from these reviews and experiences to reinvest in our commitment to improve our staffing services.

We know this will require additional resources and technology solutions to enable our Staffing Office to thrive in serving an organization of our size and complexity. We will leverage the existing expertise of our People Staffing team that has made incredible strides in a very difficult and complex business unit.

We will also draw upon the significant experience of our Operations team that continues to do whatever it takes to support the successful implementation of CST and our COVID-19 response – and together as an organization, we will do better.

Supporting, including and connecting with each other is the foundation of our People-Forward strategic direction where, working together, we will undertake projects that move the dial forward on making our work lives more fulfilling, less stressful and more supportive.

Effective immediately, we are launching a critical project titled, Staffing Services Redesign to implement real and sustained improvements in our staffing services across Providence. The Project will be overseen by an Executive Steering Committee led by our President and CEO, Fiona Dalton, and Senior Leadership Team members, Christopher De Bono, Vice President, Mission, People & Ethics, Leanne Heppell, Chief Operating Officer, Acute Care & Chief of Professional Practice & Nursing, Deborah Mitchell, Vice President, Seniors Care, Organizational Strategy & Partnerships, Allan Noordvyk, Executive Director of Health Informatics, John Jinn, Executive Director Finance, and Jen Duff, Corporate Director Strategic and Operational Projects.

A Leadership Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from across our People Staffing and Human Resources teams as well as Operations will be formed imminently. Additionally, working groups have been identified and will commence actions shortly.

There are three main objectives of this Project:

1. Improve the patient and resident care experience by ensuring we have the right staff for the right units and locations across PHC.
2. Increase the effectiveness of the staffing service and enhance the staffing experience for all Providence clinical leaders and staff, including those in our Staffing Office.
3. Generate cost savings and/or demonstrate cost avoidance related to improved efficiency of operations (e.g., overtime usage; Working Short Premium).

The Executive Steering Committee met for the first time in late May and will be reporting out through PHC governance forums. The immediate next steps are to launch the Leadership Advisory Committee and assemble working groups who will drive the actions for this project. More information on next steps will be forthcoming.

Effective staffing is critical to any health organization. We are fully committed to generating sustained and valued change that will enable us to further improve this essential service.

People Forward

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