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Oct 11, 2018 | News

In Canada, Infection Control Week began in 1988 to highlight infection control efforts taking place in Canadian hospitals, long-term care facilities and in the community. Since then, National Infection Control Week has become an annual event where the importance of infection prevention and control is promoted. This year’s theme, ‘No Borders’ reminds us that infections do not choose to stop at the border and organisms travel with no consideration for boundaries. We are reminded that antibiotic resistant organisms (AROs) such as MRSA, VRE and CPO, pose a global threat, whether it be here at Providence Health Care (PHC) or abroad.

Two of our best defenses against infection control challenges include our ability to promote hand hygiene and antimicrobial stewardship.

Here at PHC, we excel in both.

Staff hand hygiene is a critical piece to providing compassionate and safe care across all sites; patient hand hygiene is a key component in preventing hospital transmission of AROs. Antimicrobial stewardship at PHC is in its sixth year of promoting and implementing coordinated activities to ensure responsible use of antibiotics, and help improve patient and population based outcomes. 

This year, between October 15 to 19, we are celebrating the work of Infection Prevention and Control and encourage all staff to promote patient and resident hand hygiene. 

How can you do that?

Download the new Patient Hand Hygiene pamphlet entitled ‘Keep Your Hands Clean’! Read more about this new and improved pamphlet.

The updated patient hand hygiene pamphlet, “Keep Your Hands Clean” is available through the Patient Health Education Materials website (this pamphlet was previously known as “It Takes Less Than a Minute”).

Order the new “Keep Your Hands Clean” pamphlet today!

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