Online paycheques coming soon for PHC staff

Jan 25, 2018 | News

The convenience of online pay advice is coming, but first we want your feedback. The convenience of online pay advice is coming, but first we want your feedback.

In an effort to align with other provincial health authorities and embrace environmental stewardship, we’re moving to paperless pay advice (i.e., your statement of earnings and deductions) to increase accessibility, convenience and security while supporting our commitment to green initiatives across our organization.

The benefits

Access to online pay advice will soon replace the existing paper-based distribution model. Some of the many benefits for our staff include:

  • Easy and convenient access: access, download and print your pay advice from any computer – from work or at home – with Internet access; this enables our casual staff and staff on leave to access their pay advice from home as soon as it’s ready.
  • Enhanced security: hard copy pay stubs can be lost or stolen putting your personal information at risk; online distribution offers greater security of your personal information allowing you to view, download or print your pay advice securely and only when necessary.
  • Decrease distribution error: no more discrepancy between your work site and the delivery location of your pay advice; if you change work site or work across multiple sites, this self-serve model improves your access while securing your personal information.
  • Immediate delivery: view your pay advice online as soon as it’s ready instead of waiting for your paper copy; receiving your pay advice up to five days earlier.
  • Access to past pay statements: access, download and print up to one year of previous pay statements.
  • Greater ownership for staff: flexibility to view, download, save and print your pay advice in a self-serve model.
  • Better for Mother Earth: consider how much paper we will save in moving towards paperless pay advice, saving our planet one tree at a time, as well as adding a cost-saving benefit to our organization furthering our goal to go green and reduce unnecessary printing! Accessing pay advice online also encourages the use of email as we transition to more electronic communications.

We want your input!

As we prepare to go-live with online distribution of pay advice, first we’d like to know if you would like to receive an email notification when your pay advice is ready. Please let us know your preference by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this brief Survey (all responses will be anonymous).

The survey will be open for staff to share their opinions until Tuesday, February 6.

The results will determine how you will receive the information regarding the paperless pay advice so make your choice known! As we get closer to go-live, we will walk you through how to access the online portal step-by-step.

Stay tuned to PHC News in the coming weeks for more information.

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This is wonderful. I am looking forward to this. Thankyou Roberta
This is a great idea! Less paper and can be viewed online. I wonder if I could just use my personal email rather than the hospital email? Thanks.
Finally the change is here. I've been wondering when this will happen and thanks as this will be very convinient for both employer and employee. so excited so bring it on!
Why are you asking us to fill in the survey when you state "we're moving to paperless pay advice"? You have already decided to do this so it really doesn't make any difference whether we agree or not.
South Africa, particularly Cape Town, does not have water at the moment. Those beautiful people there are learning how to manage better their relationship with the environment, with Mother Earth. On line pay advice is welcome here.
OMG... why only now... it is about time we do this...
Is this still happening? I would love to be able to receive an electronic copy of my pay stub! Sometimes they get mailed to my house, other times I pick them up at work. It would be wonderful to have one set standard for receiving my paystub.
Great Idea and it is about time this projet is implemented

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