Operational Excellence and Transformation in our Medicine Program

Jun 28, 2018 | News

Members of the award-winning MOET team from both St. Paul's and Mount Saint Joseph hospitals.

In 2016, PHC's Medicine Program seized an opportunity to change process in order to improve performance and better patient care.

As one of our largest programs, Medicine knew that there were some areas where they were under-performing. Rather than resigning to that simply being the reality of a program of that size, they stepped up to the challenge, recognizing the benefit to patients and the potential for influencing the overall Providence performance through improvement work was too great to turn away from.

“Taking a systematic look at what needed to change within the program to affect the changes that we wanted was daunting but we also knew that formalizing it and making it a Medicine-wide focus was the only way we were going to see the improved outcomes our program was aspiring to,” says Sandy Barr, program director, Medicine.

Find out how the MOET team tackled this work, the improvements and changes they made, and how the sustainment of this project continues to contribute to PHC's focus on operational excellence on this year's Annual Report.

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