Our 7-Year plan won't build itself. Your input is needed!

Oct 24, 2018 | News

Hey you!

Yes, you.

We need your help.

More than 8,000 people are called to work at Providence, making a difference in the lives of those we serve every day -- and we want to hear from each one of you as we build a shared roadmap to the Providence of 2026.

You – staff, physicians, researchers and volunteers – deserve the opportunity to perform at the best of your ability, and know how the work that you do is contributing to Providence's desired future state.

Our pursuit of world class

On October 11, our CEO Fiona Dalton officially kicked off PHC's strategic planning process (read more about that here: http://phcnews.ca/news/relentless-pursuit-world-class).

We are on a journey to develop a seven-year strategic plan (2019-2026) – one that articulates our desired future state, is driven by our Mission, Vision and Values, and brings value to those we serve, PHC people and the health care community at large. 

We know we are top-of-class in many areas – what do we need to do to stay global leaders in the areas where we already are, and bring world-class to all areas of our organization?

And we know we do things a bit differently around here, but what makes us irreplaceable? Unique? How do we capture those characteristics so that we can ensure we still are those things in seven years as we continue to grow and evolve?

We know you have the answers, so we're coming to you for ideas.

Coming to a site near you

The engagement strategy has been built based on the understanding that we live and work in a complex system, so we have designed a number of ways that you can share your thoughts. Our hope is that everyone who works with, and is connected to PHC, will find a way to connect with this planning process, whether it's in-person or online. Here’s a sample of the activities scheduled between November and mid-December – and be sure to let us know if you have other creative ideas for capturing your ideas.

  • 6 open forums across multiple PHC sites – these are open to anyone in the organization, including our patients, families and the community.
  • 6 town hall discussions, one at each of our residential care homes
  • 20+ pop up sessions (look for the carts filled with candy!) across clinical sites
  • 4 physician-specific sessions
  • 13 unit and department-specific conversations
  • 5 sessions with our research centres
  • 6 sessions with our Lower Mainland Consolidated (LMC) teams
  • Facilitated engagement sessions with our Board, St. Paul's Foundation, Leadership, Advisory Group, and external stakeholders
  • Bloom - in addition to in-person engagement, we’re creating an online engagement experience that will put you within a click (or a ‘tap’ for those accessing on their smartphone) of accessing a variety of interactive tools -- forums, polls, ideation, storytelling, etc. -- so that you’re able to add your voice to our ongoing pursuit of world class, regardless of your shift time or your site. Look for this site to launch by Monday, November 5.

Posters and emails about these upcoming activities will be coming to your sites and landing in your inboxes shortly.

Building a shared roadmap to Providence 2026

With all of our current projects happening – e.g., new St. Paul's, CST, residential redevelopment – we know you've been consulted and surveyed a lot. So you're probably wondering how this engagement process for a new strategic plan is any different, or if it actually is any different.

We have done a lot of upfront research to analyze and review past reports and consultations that so that we're not re-asking the same questions. Rather, we've brought these insights together, across the different projects and initiatives and surveys, to create a common understanding of what we already know, and where we need to dig deeper so that we’re able to jump right in and make the very most of the time you have to give to this process.

Here's to planning an amazing journey to 2026, together.

Want to see how all of the phases fit together? Check out the timeline below.


Infection prevention and Control will play a big role in the development of our new hospital and keeping patients and residents safe from infection. We are encountering more new organisms who have resistance to our arsenal of antibiotics and are capable of transferring this resistance to other organisms leaving us fewer treatment options, so I look forward to participating in the planning to ensure infection prevention and control procedures are a key priority in

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