PHC Long Service Awards honouring our 2018 recipients starts in spring

Jan 24, 2019 | News

Get ready to celebrate the 2018 recipients of the PHC Long Service Awards!Get ready to celebrate the 2018 recipients of the PHC Long Service Awards!

A strong organizational culture where people thrive, feel supported and ultimately want to work is tantamount to a successful organization. Providence thrives because our people thrive – we would not be the globally-renowned organization we are today if it were not for our people whose care and commitment to our patients, residents and clients is so deserving of recognition.

So we’re thrilled to kick off our Long Service Recognition program across our sites. Planning is underway for celebrations starting in April and we’re so excited to honour all of you who are celebrating long service with us!

2019 is a special year at Providence – in addition to celebrating the long-term loyalty of our staff, this year also marks the 125th anniversary of our Founding Sisters of Providence opening St. Paul’s Hospital, the 25-bed cottage that would pave the way for the compassionate, world-class organization we know today as Providence Health Care.

Get ready to celebrate!

With milestones ranging from five to 45 years, our Long Service Awards program was created to recognize the years of contributions of our staff, physicians and volunteers who help foster a culture that breeds empathy and enables all of us to build profound relationships with our patients and each other that have lasting impacts on so many lives.

“Our recognition award is a small symbol of our sincere thanks for your dedication, and we hope you will accept it with the same pride that we take in presenting it to you,” said Fiona Dalton, President and CEO, “thank you for what you do here and for being part of this unique organization that has been making a difference for the last 125 years, and will continue to inspire and change lives well into the future.”

And the award goes to …

If you reached a service milestone in 2018, you will receive a Long Service Recognition letter next month with information and the full schedule of recognition events that will be held throughout April and May. All are welcome to attend the site recognition events to share in the celebration, but please speak with your supervisor, leader or manager if you will be attending while on shift.

Those celebrating 25+ year milestones will receive additional information on the annual dinner event happening in late May.

To learn more about Long Service Recognition at Providence see the Q&A attached below and find more information on the Long Service Recognition at PHC's intranet page.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating long service with Providence!

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