PHC's residential care shares Residential Care for Me successes with visiting Singaporean delegates

Mar 16, 2017 | News

Harvey Bosma, Social Work Professional Practice Lead, and Teresa Robitaille, MSJ/HFH Social Work Site Leader, hosted 18 delegates from Singapore on Thursday, March 9th, including social workers and representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development. The delegates were split into two groups and toured either Youville Residence and Parkview or Holy Family Residential Care.

The group that went to Holy Family toured both the residential and the outpatient rehabilitation areas. They met with the Holy Family Hospital Social Work group, Jenny Hyman, Rachel Lee, Ele Cavallin and Jasmine Parbhu, to learn about the role of social workers in rehabilitation and residential care.  The Singapore visitors were particularly interested to hear about how we support patients and residents in the transitions between acute, rehabilitation, and discharge home.  

At Youville, Jo-Ann Tait, Program Director, Elder Care and Palliative Services, presented the two year journey of Residential Care for Me to the Youville group, and outlined how the application of human-centred design principles led to our new vision for a social model of care at our residential homes at Providence.

Kimberley Smith, Site/Operations Leader at Youville Residence & Parkview, then shared the recent experience of the Youville Megamorphosis and described how the new vision of emotional connections matter most, residents directing each moment and creating a feeling of home was implemented through the Megamorphosis process. Kimberley explained the pre-work that was done in preparation, and shared some of the ideas that were tested during the Megamorphosis, such as activity aprons, find me lights, texture boards, the buddy program. She also showed how pre and post-Megamorphosis observations indicate a significant impact on emotional connectedness, as demonstrated by the increase in positive and social interactions and a decrease in neutral (and negative) interactions between staff and residents. Rae Johnson, Holy Family Residential Site Leader, then shared the ongoing Flow of the Day work happening at Holy Family, which also came out of Residential Care for Me work.

After the presentation, some of the delegates were so excited after seeing the changes during the Megamorphosis, they also wanted a tour of Marguerite place at Youville.

The delegates expressed that they faced similar challenges in their work and were very impressed by the work being done at Providence. They were very excited about the possibility of applying some of our learning and vision to the care of seniors in Singapore.

As a parting gift, Harvey presented the delegates with a book on the history of SPH and the delegates gave a book on Singapore's Health Care System.

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