Pink Shirt Day is on its way!

Feb 8, 2018 | News

Respect is a core value at PHC and is an important characteristic of how we interact with our patients, residents, and one another. When we keep respect top of mind, it helps us all feel safe, function better, and be more engaged in the work we do.

On February 28, 2018, let’s wear our respect for one another, our patients, residents and loved ones, on our sleeves (or wrists, or headbands, or sunglasses, or whatever pink piece of apparel you choose!). By encouraging all staff, medical staff, researchers and volunteers to show their support in their own individual way, we’re anticipating PHC to be a sea of pink!

Wearing pink on February 28 sends a strong message that we care.

Pink Shirt Day creates a perfect opportunity for us to shine a light on our respect actions and our desire to foster environments where our people thrive. The simple act of wearing something pink can start conversations – conversations can be a big step towards healing and helping.

It's Back!

Our Pink Shirt Day contest is back by popular demand for 2018. Show us how your co-workers support you and help foster a respectful workplace, and you both can win a prize!

Nominate a colleague who models respectful behaviour at work for a chance to win some fun-filled gift baskets, donated by the awesome Pharmacy folks at Shoppers Drug Mart.

To enter:

Email with the following information by Friday, February 23:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your phone number
  3. Your co-worker’s name
  4. A brief description on how your co-worker models respectful behaviour at work

*Paper nomination forms will be available for staff at our Residential sites.

In closing

  • Wearing pink on this day sends a strong message that we care. If you’ve received a pink shirt in previous years, have purchased your own Pink Shirt Day tee, or own anything that has pink on it/hues of it, please wear it on the 28th. All pink counts!
  • Through Pink Short Day entries we’ve received in previous years, we have gotten the chance to hear some amazing stories about how respect is modeled at PHC. We look forward to hearing even more inspiring stories this year.
  • Pink Shirt Day began with two Nova Scotia high school students, who decided to take a stand against bullying in their own school and now it is celebrated across our Province.  Find out more here:

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