Pink Take 5 Café

Mar 8, 2018 | News

UBC is committed to providing a respectful environment for everyone, and so is Providence Health Care.

Here at HLI, we are at the place where PHC and UBC intersect so this year we took respect to the next level.

Under UBC’s Healthy Workplace Initiative Program, we have launched our own Mental Health Initiative. We have had several events we call "Take 5 Cafés"-inspired by the Mindwell University Take 5 Challenge (where we explore ways of implementing mindfulness and well-being into our personal and professional lives).

We invite everyone to take five minutes to join us in conversation or activities surrounding building strategies for mental resilience. Our past events have included listening to different types of relaxing music, stress relief through exercise, puzzles and colouring book fun, mindful mayhem with a balloon game challenge, and mindful pumpkin carving.

With the Pink Shirt Day approaching, we decided to incorporate the anti-bullying and harassment act into our mental health initiative and came up with the “Pink Take 5 Café”. Participants were invited to play an inclusive game where you think of something nice to say to a co-worker, write it on a paper leaf and post it on our “Kindness Tree” to make it blossom. 

And of course you get treats like sweet pink cookies or savoury rice crackers, which satisfies sugar and salt preference palates, all just for being nice. It is all about being inclusive, after all. 


We finished up our fun activity with a group picture in all of our pink garments. The tree was merrily full of paper leaves, flowers and even fruit. We will be keeping the tree up in the hallway so it can remind us not only of the Pink Shirt Day’s joy but to keep the notion going all year round. We plan on adding new ‘kindness’ leaves to make it blossom and grow. 

This activity not only made us appreciate each other more but also acted as a conversation starter for all of the things we wanted to say to each other but couldn’t find the right timing or words. More often than not we say "thanks" but don’t give the appreciation enough depth by saying what action made us grateful and how. But today, we took the time to think of the best way to put our feelings into words and communicated more effectively and mindfully.

Mindful and respectful communication can go a long way to help sustain the wellbeing of the workplace and create a welcoming, open and respectful space for everyone.

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