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Nov 3, 2016 | News

Our 2016 staff Check-in Survey results will help your team and the organization maintain a healthy workplace as we prepare for the changes ahead. The 10-minute survey asks about factors that research has shown have the biggest impact on the comfort and effectiveness of Canadian healthcare workers. THANK YOU to the nearly 1,700 survey participants so far!  Your time and thoughtful responses are greatly appreciated.

For the other 3,450 staff, please participate! You can access the survey without email. Use any computer or smart phone to visit Or, you can find an invitation from Leger Metrics in your work email, and access the survey from the link provided there. Please submit responses by Monday, November 14.  We have extended the survey period for one week.

Know that 34 ‘thank you’ prizes are still available. One in every 100 participants wins.  Our first two prize winners were Talena Hale, a Clinical Nurse Leader in ABSU at St Paul’s, and Allen-Marie Carbungco, a Biomedical Technician at Lions Gate Hospital. They were featured here. Since then, 15 more lucky survey participants got to choose ‘thank you’ prizes.

More information

See updates at phc-connect/programs/checkin, i.e. on PHC Connect > Human resources > Check-in
See staff instructions on external web 
Contact  or 604-806-9090 x63185


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