Pop-up winter Beef and Barley soup taste test for Kidney Care Clinic patients

Dec 16, 2015 | News

The Kidney Care Clinic (KCC) was established at St. Paul’s Hospital since 1999 to support and educate individuals and families living with kidney disease. The clinic has a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and dietitians. Dietitians provide nutrition coaching and education to patients who have chronic kidney disease.

Renal dietitians hosted their first taste test event in the 6A clinic area for KCC patients on Wednesday December 2, 2015. They had a delicious pot of Beef and Barley soup that was served to KCC patients while they waited for their appointment with the health care team. Many patients were surprised to learn that the Beef and Barley soup was actually made from a low sodium recipe because it was so flavourful. The recipe was from Spice it Up, a recipe book series that is designed for renal patients.

The renal dietitians had a display of food products to help patients choose better choices that are lower in sodium. The food displays provided hands-on visuals for patients when comparing products to choose a better alternative. Barley and bulgar, ingredients from the recipe were displayed to highlight grain alternatives that are low potassium, low glycemic index, high in fiber, and an alternative to pasta or rice. Recipes of the soup served and recipe books were handed out for patients to use at home.

The results from the evaluation survey showed 90% of patients and family members felt they learned something new from this taste test event. This event was very well received as 100% of patients and family members wanted more taste test events in the future. The taste test also generated a lot of interest and discussion from hospital staff. 100% of staff members felt they learned something new and would make the recipe at home. The surveys provided valuable information for the renal dietitians to improve on future nutrition education events and taste tests.

The goal of the taste test was to provide healthy eating tips and share delicious recipes that are appropriate for patients with chronic kidney disease. The event provided an interactive and fun opportunity for patients and staff to discuss new recipes and tips on how to cook and flavour food with less sodium. Overall the taste test was a success and will lead to more taste test events in the future. 

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