Protect yourself and others this Flu season

Nov 3, 2016 | Spotlight

Here at Providence Health Care we like to share many things, but one thing we do not want to share is influenza. Influenza can be easily passed from person to person by droplets spread through coughing, sneezing, or having face-to-face contact. 

All health authorities in B.C. continue to follow the Influenza Immunization Policy to protect high risk populations from influenza. It is important to protect yourself, our patients and the people you love by either being vaccinated or by wearing a mask.

If you still need to get your flu shot, flu clinics are running at various PHC locations until the end of November. The clinic schedule can be found on PHC Connect or on the PHC internet page. Other options for getting immunized include being immunized by a Peer Nurse Immunizers (PNI) if there is one on your unit, or you can get immunized closer to home at your local pharmacy. To find the closest participating pharmacy near you, use the Influenza Clinic Locator.

Here are some additional tips to help prevent the spread of influenza:

  • Get an influenza vaccine or wear a mask during flu season
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Keeping your hands away from your face
  • Cough and sneeze into your shirt sleeve rather than your hands
  • Promptly dispose of used tissues in the waste basket or garbage
  • Stay home when sick
  • Keeping common surface areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, and keyboards, clean and disinfected
  • Eating healthy foods and staying physically active to keep your immune system strong

Flu season officially begins December 1st, so let’s all be prepared and have a flu free season!

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