Providence nephrologists attend organ trafficking summit at Vatican City

Mar 9, 2017 | News

Dr. Adeera Levin, head of the UBC Division of Nephrology at St. Paul’s, and Dr. John Gill, clinician scientist, were among dozens of stakeholders invited to attend an Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism Summit February 7-8 at Vatican City.

Dr. Adeera Levin, second from the right, at the organ trafficking summit. 

"The outcome of the two day meeting was a declaration that organ trafficking be construed as a crime against humanity, and that all countries develop and implement strategies to eradicate the practice of selling organs for transplantation, in all its forms," said Dr. Levin.

An official statement was issued and signed by over 65 participants from around the world.

Dr. John Gill, third from the right.

Read more about the summit here.

Dr. Levin is also busy leading a new and groundbreaking Canada-wide research program into chronic kidney disease. With more than $40 million in funding, the Canadians Seeking Solutions and Innovations to Overcome Chronic Kidney Disease (Can-SOLVE CKD) network will look at what’s important to patients, how and when they currently get treatment, then work alongside them to make those treatments better.

Read more about Can-SOLVE CKD here.

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