Providence people celebrate World Kidney Day!

Mar 15, 2019 | News

In the midst of Nutrition Month, Providence people celebrated World Kidney Day, which took place on March 14, with the theme of “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere.” World Kidney Day is the most widely known and celebrated event focused on kidney health across the globe. This day was set to raise awareness on kidney disease and the need for strategies for kidney disease prevention and management.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Providence Dietitians, staff and volunteers share tips on kidney health during World Kidney Day!

It takes a team to help our patients with kidney disease – nephrologist, nurses, pharmacists, renal technicians, social workers and dietitians -- all working together to get involved in the fight against kidney disease. To celebrate World Kidney Day, Dietitians at Providence Health Care are out promoting nutrition-focused messages to help our patients. Dietitians are a trusted source for renal nutrition therapy and counselling in chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplant.

In light of World Kidney Day, our staff and departments gathered together to share prevention advice:

Kidney Care Clinic:

Reducing sodium is one of top recommendations for patients who come to the kidney care clinic. Dietitians provide the education for reading labels, finding other delicious ways to flavour food without salt and find great meals ideas and recipes. For World Kidney Day, volunteers and dietitians designed and delivered a Low Sodium Campaign, focussing on nutritious snacks and learning from our patients on what foods are their favourite snacks while on the go. We were sponsored by IGA to provide patients with apples and healthier granola bar choices, so our ties to our community partners were also represented.

Hemodialysis units: 

Fluid balance is very important for patients on hemodialysis when the kidneys can no longer effectively regulate fluids. Patients who have excess fluid in the body can experience swelling of the feet, hands face, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath. Without following a fluid restriction and long-term fluid overload, it can cause the heart to lose its elasticity and ability to pump blood effectively through the body. Each person on hemodialysis has individualized fluid restrictions to prevent too much fluid gain between hemodialysis treatments. This is a very difficult task to follow! Dietitians are constantly trying to support our patients to manage their thirst, watch for hidden sources of salt, control blood sugars and help keep track of how much fluid is being consumed. Our team of volunteers created a fluid display to show how much fluid is too much and the effect it can have on the heart and body. To put all the nutrition messages together, we also displayed cooking videos that were produced by renal dietitians, recipes and educational handouts for our patients. In addition, our community dialysis units delivered nutrition information in the form of kidney-friendly snacks and games to engage their patients.

For more information and details about World Kidney Day events worldwide – please click here:

Special thanks to our team of our nutrition student volunteers who were instrumental in the displays, design and execution of World Kidney Day: Mikaela Kroeker, Celine Koppenaal, Jennifer Snyder, Sara Chan, Emily Cao, Fabiana Zaninotti, Joshua Lam, Alice Chan, and more!

Lastly, don't forget to check out the photos below:

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