Ready, Set, Test!

Jun 15, 2017 | News

There is a buzz on the fourth floor at Brock Fahrni Pavillion and it is not just from the bees pollenating the new roses planted by Clinical Nurse Leader, Patsy Tchao.  After three weeks of pre-work focusing on understanding the importance of compassion, language and pain, Brock Fahrni’s Megamorphosis began this past Monday.  The energy on the floor is palpable over testable ideas that are in the works only three days into the two-week, rapid-cycle testing event.  Working from the insights gathered during the first phase of Residential Care for Me, Megamorphosis is centred on achieving the three key themes of:  

  • Emotional Connections Matter Most
  • Residents Direct Each Moment, and
  • Home Is a Feeling – Not Just a Place

The team at Brock Fahrni started by choosing the top three to four ideas to test on Monday but the list has quickly grown as more ideas are added every day at a 2 p.m. gathering of residents, staff and families.  This gathering is used to discuss what has been tested, what has been learned and what changes need to be made in order to test an idea again.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for the BF community to get together to celebrate the great things that are happening and to make them even better,” say Ursula Piotrowski, Resident Care Manager and Site Leader of Brock Fahrni.

A perfect example of this rapid testing includes an idea to improve the shower experience. On Monday, Enid, a resident, mentioned her concern about being adequately covered up while en route from her room to the shower.  By Tuesday afternoon, Heather Mak, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Frances Johnson, Professional Practice Leader – Clinical Nutrition Services, had put their sewing skills to work to create a prototype of a bath poncho, which Enid tried on during the 2 p.m. gathering.  Armed with input from Enid and the others who attended the 2 p.m. gathering, a second version of the prototype is being developed. This rapid testing and turn around is the speed of Megamorphosis – that replaces the hours we sometimes spend in meetings over months and months of deliberation and decision making that can slow the enthusiasm down.

Another key idea that is being tested is creating more spaces for social dining to occur.  Care Aide Kiran suggested that a table be added by the window so that residents who wanted to dine with a view could have the opportunity.  By Thursday morning, three gentleman, who usually eat in their rooms, were seen enjoying a leisurely breakfast and some nice conversation at their new table with a view!   

Other testable ideas that are in progress include:

  • Changing our first response to a questions asked of us to say ‘YES’;
  • Making sure all staff have a name tag, redecorating the alcove in the Orange neighborhood; trialing a team huddle at 11:15;
  • Using a whiteboard to help communicate which residents may be in need of attention; and
  • Truly focusing on engaging residents in ways that they would want to connect with others and with things to do throughout their entire day.

“This excites me,” say Clinical Nurse Leader Patsy Tchao. “I feel very well supported in trying ideas that I have been wanting to try for a long time.”

Patsy demonstrates true leadership by being open to the multitude of ideas that she has beeb trialing in the neighbourhood she supports.



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