Recently changed your name, title, or place of work? Don’t worry – the E-Directory has got you covered

Jun 11, 2021 | News

 Have you run into issues when attempting to update your own profile? Have you tried to look up a colleague’s phone number only to find incorrect information posted?

Well, we have good news for you! 

The E-Directory was updated to ensure a smooth and seamless synchronization of your information. Previously, the E-Directory and the outlook Global Address listings were not synced; so if you attempted to update your information in the E-Directory, the change would not be made to the Global Address list.

This has now been fixed. Long past are the days of an inaccurate listing in Outlook!

The E-Directory is a useful information source for health care staff looking for contact information across the provincial health authorities. The E-Directory is where you can find phone numbers, email addresses and department information for staff across BC health authorities. You can search for someone by site, or search across all sites. 

You can find the link to the E –Directory in the upper-right corner on PHC-Connect or by visiting Note that you must be connected to the HA network to access it.

How to Update Your E-Directory Listing

  1. From the E-Directory homepage, select ‘Update Profile’. 
  2. Apply the changes or add any information in the editable fields and then hit the ‘Save’ button, bottom-right.  (It will take a few hours for the changes made to be visible in Outlook.)

Any information not in an editable field box will require assistance through the Service Desk to have changes made i. e. email address.

Due to the recent improvements to the E-Directory, you can now update your own listing!  When you update your profile the information fields are synchronized with the Global Address List.  This means that your listing in the E-Directory and the Outlook Global Address list will accurately reflect your job title, contact information, work site to name a few. This information is viewable when searching for someone when using the Global Address List in Outlook or webmail.

If you are unfamiliar with this, search for the user and then right-click and select ‘Properties’. You will see this:

Or, if someone you have communicated with via email in the past you can simply start typing out the name and when his/her name appears, do a right-click and select ‘Outlook Contact Card’.  This will be displayed:

We hope that you will use this useful tool again, or if you have never used it before begin using it. 


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