Recognizing excellence in critical care nursing

Mar 29, 2018 | News

(Left to right) Vini, Bibi, Gavin, (Manager), Sherly, Omar, Graham, Lianna & Sim. Missing is Jackie, Christina & Linda.(Left to right) Vini, Bibi, Gavin, (Manager), Sherly, Omar, Graham, Lianna & Sim. Missing is Jackie, Christina & Linda.

We have a remarkable team in the ICU, who care to be the very best. In particular, Bibi Kovacic, Jackie Spandel, Christina Frewin, Vini Bains, Linda Long, Sim Sunner, Sherly Mathew, Omar Serrano, Lianna Perruzza and Graham Beebe have demonstrated their clinical expertise, advanced knowledge and commitment to ongoing professional development by earning their CNA Certification in either Critical Care or Cardiovascular Nursing. In fact, both Jackie and Bibi were the first on our team to do so, earning their certification in 2006. Gosh darn it, come what may, it was high time we celebrated it!

Obtaining your CNA Certification in any specialty is not easy. In addition to specialty training, CNA Certification requires two or more years of clinical experience, and successfully passing a rigorous knowledge-based exam. Also, nurses must complete 100 hours of continuing education every five years to maintain this nationally recognized credential. CNA Certification makes a difference; having CNA-certified nurses on your team has been shown to improve both patient safety and outcomes.

There are only 100 ICU nurses in B.C. who have their certification in critical care, and we have 10. So, despite maternity leaves, night shift hangovers, sick calls, patient admissions and a poorly timed code blue that pulled away the very people we wanted to recognize, our ICU hosted a celebratory tea where we unveiled our recognition plaque. Come by the ICU entrance doors (Providence - 3rd floor) and see it for yourself!


That's great! How many Emergency CNA Certified nurses at PHC?

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