Reminder: TB screening & testing clinics for PHC staff are coming up

Feb 15, 2018 | News

Occupational Health & Safety provides programs and services that support employees' health, wellness and safety. Baseline TB skin testing (TST) on hire and yearly TB screening for PHC staff working in acute care settings is one of the services provided to support employee health.

If you did not have a baseline TST on hire or if you are a PHC employee working in an acute care setting, we will be on site doing TST and reads at the following times:

  • Test - MSJ on Monday, February 19, 07:30-12:30 in Harvest Room A
  • Read - MSJ on Thursday, February 22, 07:30-12:30 in Harvest Room A
  • Test - SPH on Tuesday, February 20, 07:30-12:30 in Prov Level 4 Dining Room 3
  • Read - SPH on Friday, February 23, 07:30-12:30 in Prov Level 4 Dining Room 1 & 2

TST’s are safe to administer to:

  • Women who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • People with history of BCG (who have not had a previous documented positive TST).
  • People with unclear or undocumented history of previous TST positive.

If you require a chest x-ray for TB screening (every 2 years if working in acute care) you can stop by one of the clinics, answer a few TB health history questions and pick up a chest x-ray requisition.

If you need annual TB screening and can’t make it to one of the above dates, not to worry, we will be back doing clinics in July 2018. If you can’t wait until July, please check PHC Connect - OH&S Immunization page for other TST options and for information on how to report your result, have your PHC health record updated and if applicable, and reimbursement details.

PHC employees, please register on The Learning Hub. Annual TB screening is an easy way to protect your health.

Please note: Each Health Authority determines which employee group requires routine TB screening. If you are not a PHC employee, please contact the OH&S or Workplace Health department for your Health Authority to discuss if routine testing is recommended for you.

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