Residential Redevelopment Clinical Plan Nearing Completion

Feb 23, 2016 | PHC Residential Redevelopment

Led by Robena Sirett and a strong team of staff and leaders from PHC’s Elder Care program and other support areas, the clinical planning for residential redevelopment is nearing completion.

Begun in the fall of 2015, the residential redevelopment planning project has been powered by an immense amount of collaboration, coordination and successful engagement and ideas-sharing with staff, residents and families.

The clinical plan – scheduled to be completed by the end of February 2016 – will determine how best to provide the care and home life for residents in our future residential settings.

“There’s great energy and collective enthusiasm coming forward from everyone” says Robena Sirett, Residential Redevelopment Clinical Planning lead, about the planning and engagement.

“Our planning is driven by the desire to change residential care from an institutionalized medical model of care to a social model that provides excellent health care – where first and foremost we create a home and community that our residents would want to live in.”

The project’s scope includes planning for new buildings on our St. Vincent’s– Heather site and looking at renewal of some of our current residential care homes.

“We’re so fortunate to have the Heather site,” says David Thompson, executive sponsor of the project.  “It provides the opportunity to design and build something innovative and substantive from the ground up – a whole little community on the campus with diverse amenities and services.”

Using the “Residential Care for Me” planning initiative of the Elder Care program, project sponsor Jo-Ann Tait and PHC’s Research & Design Team, led by Sonia Hardern, engaged with residents, families and staff from all five of our residential care homes over the past two years to inform the vision for the future and the Clinical Services Plan.

Recently, over 170 total staff and medical staff attended meetings held at all five PHC residential care sites to help validate this vision for the future.  Meetings with residents and families are currently in progress, with over 70 residents and families engaged to date.

 “We’re hearing people want us to look at the latest solutions, to learn from best practices from around the world,” says Tait. “They want single or double rooms with private bathrooms. They want home-like environments with the ability for plenty of social interaction, being able to be outdoors, and for feeling like they live in a place that’s connected to – and invites in – the surrounding neighbourhoods.”

Once completed, the clinical plan will be validated by staff, families and residents. It will then be utilized to develop a “functional program” – translating the clinical plan into the required building and space concepts and designs.

Key Milestones

The clinical plan is the first major phase of the residential redevelopment planning. Functional planning and concept design will be the next major phase, with the planning team continuing its work throughout the spring and summer, in order to complete a business case by the fall:

For more information, contact Robena Sirett at 604-806-9545.


I look forward to seeing this plan become a reality and hearing about future steps Providence Healthcare is taking to use innovation to support family and person centred Residential Care!

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