September, a Good Time to Revisit New Year's Resolutions

Sep 8, 2016 | News

Health promotion encompasses healthy living, physical and mental wellbeing and is a key priority under the People strategy. Healthy staff result in better quality patient and resident experience.

September is a great time to revisit your list of January Resolutions. Did you make positive changes at the beginning of 2016 that you’ve successfully incorporated into your life or have you slid back into old, not so healthy, familiar habits?

Maybe you didn’t start the exercise program, eat more fruit & vegetables, sleep more or quit smoking as you intended. Don’t beat yourself up about what didn’t happen it’s not too late to make your 2016 Resolutions a reality. September seems like the perfect time to regroup, re-evaluate, start or restart the move toward a healthier you. You have four months to make your 2016 resolutions a positive part of your life. You can do it!

Here are some suggestions to get you back on track if you slipped back into familiar 2015 habits or to help get you started if you didn’t quite make it to the New Year’s Resolution starting-line in January:

  • Ask yourself, how are you feeling about 2016 so far?
  • Are your goals for your health and wellness the same now as in January?
  • Were your goals specific and did you include a timeline for reaching your 2016 goals?
  • What motivated you to choose your 2016 Resolution(s)?
  • If you started a new activity or changed a behaviour at the beginning of the year, what worked keeping you on track, what didn’t?
  • What successes did you have (I’m sure you had them!) and what sabotaged your efforts?

Take another look at the list of goals you hoped to accomplish in 2016. September is a great time to revisit your January Resolutions and kick-start the change you planned in 2016.


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