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Apr 5, 2018 | News

We’re relaunching PHC’s Employee Referral Program to empower and encourage our staff to refer great people to our organization.We’re relaunching PHC’s Employee Referral Program to empower and encourage our staff to refer great people to our organization.

There’s something special about Providence Health Care that sets us apart from other workplaces. And yet, it’s hard to describe the spirit that exists at our sites and unites our people. People like Gurpreet Parhar.

Initially attracted to PHC for our guiding principle, “How you want to be treated”, Gurpreet has been working as an RN on Mount Saint Joseph Hospital’s extended care unit since 2007. “Coming to work is like coming to a second home. The team here is great – team work makes dream work,” she says.

So it’s not surprising that Gurpreet wanted to share her second home with her friends, successfully referring three friends to PHC. After all, who better to speak to the PHC spirit than you, our staff, who live our Vision, Mission and Values every day, continuing the hard work of our founding Sisters?

That’s why we’re relaunching our Employee Referral Program where you can earn gift cards for referring talented friends, family and former colleagues to grow their career with PHC. For Gurpreet, she chose Hudson’s Bay gift cards, $50 for each referral, as her reward for helping promote PHC as an employer of choice.

Be rewarded for helping spread the PHC spirit!

Gurpreet is not alone. Last year, PHC successfully hired 267 employee referrals. As a values-based organization, hiring for fit is crucially important. Studies show that referred candidates can be better suited than those with no prior knowledge of an organization as they have heard first-hand what it’s like to work here. “Our staff can tell a much more impactful story than any ad can,” says Recruitment Lead, Rubina Mahal.

“There’s proven evidence that ‘fit’ can’t be learned; our referral program means that these candidates come to the table as informed applicants with an understanding of our organization and values.”

Yet while 267 new employees heard about PHC through one of you, only 47 of you were rewarded for your referral. So while candidates arrive at the table informed and eager to start their career with us, more than 80% of you left your reward on the table.

How does it work?

Be our best advocates by telling your friends, family, anyone you think would be a good fit, what it’s like to work for an organization with a unique culture and an environment of care that leads with compassion.

If you refer someone to PHC who completes an Employee Referral Form and ends up getting hired, you are eligible to receive a $50 gift card of your choice!

By participating in our Employee Referral Program, you support us in providing compassionate, socially just and innovative care to all British Columbians now and as we move towards meeting the future health needs of the population.

Learn more about our Employee Referral Program and find out who is eligible and how to get more involved and more!

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