The shortest route to better health and wellness? Change One Thing!

Oct 24, 2018 | News

While Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month and the “Change One Thing” challenge will be coming to an end on October 31, the month was an opportunity to look at day-to day routines to see how one small change to your workday could benefit your health and wellness and help promote and encourage a healthy workplace. Because we can spend up to 50% of our waking hours at work our daily routines, habits and self-care strategies at work, are essential for our health and wellness.

Are habits easy to change?

The short answer, is no. People know what should be done, but it’s hard getting, “what should be done,” out of our heads and putting it into practice. We are creatures of habit and we like doing what is familiar even if it isn’t a habit that benefits our health and wellness. A 2006 paper out of Duke University found that 45% of a person’s everyday behaviour was repeated in the same location on a daily basis, but choosing one small thing to change will help make healthy habits part of everyday behaviours and are important for our self-care at work.

There is less than one week left in the “Change One Thing Challenge (for your health and wellness while at work)”. You still have time to make one small change to your workday and make it part of your daily self-care routine. Send a short note or photo of the one small change you made during the month of October to to be entered in the draw for one of the health and wellness baskets generously donated by Shopper’s Drug Mart on Davie Street and Kingsgate Mall.

Entries will be accepted until the end of day on October 31 and the winners will be notified on November 1.

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