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May 11, 2018 | News

Maybe you’ve been wondering about the impact of sustainable commuting? Or perhaps you want a fun way to compete with your colleagues and win prizes all while establishing a healthy routine and celebrating the environment? You can do it all by joining us for the BC Commuter Challenge from June 3 - 9, which is taking place during Canadian Environment Week.

Participate by commuting to work with a sustainable method of transportation. Whether you skateboard, kayak, run, carpool, transit, cycle, or telecommute, your kilometres make an impact. The challenge will track distance, fuel cost saving, calorie consumption, and emission reduction impacts when you log your daily commute, and results will be updated daily.

This year will mark the Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations' second year in the national challenge. Last year we collectively avoided 2,470 kg of carbon dioxide and saved 1,368 litres of fuel. We can do better!

You can help us increase our impact this year by joining the Commuter Challenge. Register as an individual and select your health authority organization to join our team. Don’t forget to log your trips and share your achievements with your colleagues. Prizes are at stake!

Visit the Commuter Challenge BC page for more information on this year’s event. The BC portion of the national challenge is being hosted by Better Environmentally Sound Transportation. For more information, contact Provincial Coordinator or Transportation Demand Management and Commuter Choices Coordinator

For more information on environmental sustainability initiatives at your health authority sites, check out the GreenCare Community website or contact one of the following email addresses:

Save the date! The national Commuter Challenge runs from June 3 - 9.

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