SN Transport moves medically stable patients throughout the Lower Mainland

Feb 1, 2018 | News

SN Transport offers transfers by wheelchair or stretcher.SN Transport offers transfers by wheelchair or stretcher.

SN Transport (Special Needs Transport, also known as Hospital Transfers) moves 250 patients in the Lower Mainland each day, providing non-urgent inter-facility transfers for medically stable patients. SN Transport’s staff are First Aid and CPR certified and can move patients requiring either a stretcher or a wheelchair from their bed in the hospital to a bed at their destination (Pillow to Pillow). They can accommodate an escort if required, and are able to wait for the patient during medical appointment to ensure a timely return to their original facility if requested.

Determining appropriate type of transfer

In order to help select the best option for transferring patients, an algorithm has been created which will aid in determining if a patient needs an ambulance for their transfer, or if it is safe to send them with SN Transport. The algorithm is on VCH Connect.

There is also a discharge algorithm to help select the most appropriate method of transferring a patient home after discharge, be it with SN Transport, family, friends or even a taxi. The discharge algorithm is on VCH Connect.

For details on SN Transport’s services, brochures for patients and their families, instructions on when to use them, how to book a transfer and applicable fees, visit the Patient Transport page on VCH Connect.

Who moves your patients?

You decide, but when family and friends or taxis aren’t an option, SN Transport is an effective and caring alternative.

For more information contact Lachlan Morrison, Contract Manager, Patient Transportation, Business Initiatives and Support Services.

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