Suffix it to say…[PH] labels coming back to Outlook

Feb 6, 2020 | News

The Global Address List in Outlook will soon be easier to search, because we're adding labels to show everyone's health authority after their display name.

Outlook's Global Address List (also called GAL or Address book) has contact information for all email users and distribution groups across the health authorities in B.C.

When email systems were consolidated across the Lower Mainland, contact names were changed to show only "lastname, firstname" in the address list, and did not include health authority or program labels. 

When searching by name, it was sometimes hard to tell which was the right email address when there were multiple people with the same name or they had multiple email addresses across health authorities.

To improve our search function, IMITS is re-adding a suffix to all users' display names, based on email address:  [PH] for Providence Health Care employees. Now, it will be easier to tell who works at which health authority. You will also see other suffixes for other health authorities such as VCH, or various PHSA agencies.

This change will take place over Feb. 3-4.

Please note that the suffix change may shift the order in which names show in the Global Address List, in cases where there are multiple people with the same names. Also note that email addresses such as are not changing.

Global Address List quick tips

The Global Access List provides lots of ways to access and search for contact information.

  • Open 'Address book' three ways: from your Outlook toolbar, with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B, or by clicking the "To" button when composing an email.

  • The default search is for "Name only," which means you can search by last name. Need more search options? You can also select "More columns" to search for someone by email or first name, or click "Advanced Find" to search by anything else in the contact profile, like job title, city or department.


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