Supercluster Cycle 2 Call for Projects Now Open (with webinar link)

Mar 15, 2019 | News

Providence Health Care is pleased to be a founding member of the Canada Digital Technology Supercluster. Supported by the St. Paul’s Foundation, we’re working with private and public industry partners to help make BC a global hub for digital technology innovation through investing in solutions in diverse industries and sectors, including health care.

The initiative has already gone through a first cycle of expressions of interest (EOI). An announcement last week detailed the selection of projects that resulted from the first cycle of submissions.

The Supercluster initiative has just announced that the second EOI cycle has begun. Please see the information below for more details on the process. A couple things to note:

  • There’s a WebEx scheduled for Tuesday, March 19th at 2PM to answer any initial questions interested parties may have regarding the EOI process.
  • EOIs with any PHC-related activity/involvement will need to be reviewed by PHC prior to submission (i.e. please send to Bal Bains, Corporate Lead, Innovation, PHC, Tel: 604.812.1814; Email: and Ivone Martins, Chief Innovation Development Officer, St. Paul’s Foundation, Tel: 604.806.8920; Email:
  • Please contact Bal or Ivone if you would like a copy of the EOI template and program guide.

We are excited to announce the launch of Cycle 2 of our Technology Leadership Program.

We are looking for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for projects that align with one of the following Program Streams:

  • Precision Health: Projects that leverage digital technologies to transform any aspect of healthcare delivery and life sciences.
  • Digital Twins: Projects that involve the digital representation of real-world objects or systems and the dynamics of how they function over their life cycle.
  • Data Commons: Projects that involve the aggregation of diverse sources of data to create collaborative platforms on which to build new products.

A few important factors to note:

  • Projects: This competition is for technology projects that propose to develop products and/or platforms that have the potential to transform industries and propel the economic growth of Canada;
  • Consortium: Projects must have a minimum of 3 project partners including at least one SME and at least one post-secondary institution;
  • Lead Applicant: At the EOI stage, Members and Associates are able to submit project proposals. For EOIs that are selected to to submit a Full Project Proposal the lead-applicant must be a full Member.

You can learn more about Cycle 2 in this deck here.

All the materials needed (program guide, form, etc.) for preparing and submitting an expression of interest can be found in the Member Resource Portal.

**We hosted a WebEx on Tuesday, March 19th to answer initial questions regarding the EOI process. Watch the webinar here: Supercluster March 19 Webinar Recording for PHC.  Please also feel free to answer this short survey about project proposal support.

The deadline to submit an Expression of Interest is Monday, April 15th at 5pm PDT.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

We look forward to receiving your EOIs.

Good luck!

Bill Tam

Co-Founder and VP Business Development and Partnerships

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