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Oct 11, 2018 | News

The patient hand hygiene pamphlet, “Keep Your Hands Clean” has been recently updated now available through the Patient Health Education Materials website. This pamphlet was previously known as “It Takes Less Than a Minute."

Five ways this pamphlet has improved:

  • It supports patient involvement in their own hand hygiene: This pamphlet makes it straightforward and efficient to educate our patients, residents, and loved ones on hand hygiene, and provide them with the information they need to take hand hygiene into their own hands.
  • It provides more useful information: The pamphlet now includes information on patient hand wipes. Hand wipes are becoming available on most units throughout PHC (if your unit is keen to get onboard with on-unit wipes, please contact IPAC).
  • It supports improved engagement with patients: The “Keep Your Hands Clean” pamphlet is now shared by Infection Control Practitioners (ICP) when they are on the units seeing patients who are found to have an Antibiotic Resistant Organism such as, MRSA, VRE, CPO, and patients experiencing CDI.
  • It's easier to read: It was reviewed by the Patient Health Education Materials (PHEM) Committee and, based on PHEM’s expertise and feedback from patients and families, revised to use more plain language and improved visuals of alcohol-based hand rub and sinks.
  • No more stock photos! All images are drawings based on images taken at our facilities of our products so that they’re relatable and easily recognized by patients, residents, and staff.

National Infection Control Week (October 14 to 20) is just around the corner -- order the new “Keep Your Hands Clean” pamphlet for your patients and residents today!  

Why patient hand hygiene?

As health care professionals, we know hand hygiene is a key component in preventing hospital transmission of antibiotic resistant organisms (AROs) – but what about our patients?

Many patients, for reasons of immobility or incapacity, are often incapable of performing hand hygiene independently, or are unable to use alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) or soap and water.

They rely on us, as their health care team, to encourage and assist with their hand hygiene.

Empowering our patients, residents, and loved ones with hand hygiene information provides us with an opportunity to enhance our relationships with those we care for, increase patients’ and residents’ understanding of the importance of hand hygiene and their own health and safety and, ultimately, decrease the transmission of AROs on the unit.

Sounds like a hand hygiene win-win!

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