Team Hand Hygiene – On the Road!

Oct 12, 2017 | News

In celebration of this year’s National Infection Control Week and its theme, “It’s a Team Thing,” members of PHC Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) have come together to form Team Hand Hygiene.

The team will be heading out on a road trip next week, outfitted with freshly pressed uniforms, a prize wheel and a desire to connect with their team at large – you!

Monday, October 16

  • Holy Family Hospital
  • St. Vincent’s Langara
  • Brock Fahrni

Tuesday, October 17

  • Crosstown Clinic
  • Vancouver CDU

Wednesday, October 18

  • Mount St. Joseph’s Hospital

Thursday, October 19

  • St. Paul’s Hospital

Be sure to see the team when they’re onsite so you can try your luck at hitting a hand hygiene home run, and talk with Team Hand Hygiene about who makes up your infection control team (don’t forget to include your patients!). When we work together to keep our patients, residents and visitors safe, we set everyone up for success.

Be sure to brush up on your IPAC trivia in advance of the team's road trip to your site with this year's Infection Prevention and Control 2016/17 Annual Report!

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