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Sep 15, 2016 | News

Would you prefer to receive available shifts by text? What about email? Phone? Or all of the above? 

Coming October 2016, Providence Health Care employees will have the option of receiving shift offers by voice call, email or text. By implementing the Automated Shift Callout (ASC) system, PHC hopes to fill more vacancies, faster and further enhance patient and family centred care.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

The new ASC system will automate this process by calling out to relief pool employees at the same time. Employees will receive a shift notification either by voice call, email or text message and have 15 minutes to respond for short call and up to 2 hours for shifts beginning in over 48 hours. Once the system has logged all of the responses within the time period, a scheduler will apply collective agreement rules and award the appropriate staff the shift by seniority.

Who is included?

If you currently receive calls from Staff Scheduling offering you shifts at one or more units, then you are included in the ASC.

Why implement a new system?

Providence is committed to creating a workplace where all people are engaged and contributing to PHC’s success. But because of staff shortages, workplace stress, sick time and burnout, many shifts are left vacant.

In a typical year, staff scheduling logs approximately 450,000 outbound phone calls to try and fill short-notice vacancies. Through a tedious and exhaustive process, schedulers manually dial and offer shifts to each relief pool employee. As a result, not all shifts are filled and errors can be made.

What’s not changing?

Shifts will still be awarded based on collective agreement rules and shift offers by seniority will not change.

If staff are unable to or do not wish to set up their employee profile, they will still receive shift offer voice calls. No employee will be left behind.

When is ASC coming?

Automated Shift Callout is tentatively scheduled to go live on October 31st. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in PHC News and on your unit.


Email Tom Leggett, HR lead Staffing, Patient Access Services at TLeggett@providencehealth.bc.ca.


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Cant seem to get the system to accept my PH internal mail. Similar system used at VIHA. My nursing friend says it is a nightmare. Constant texts, phone is always pinging. I don't check my internal mail or my personal e-mail more than once a day. This system basically puts me " on call", if I want ANY shifts.
Hi Norma, Thank you for your comments. Currently, PHC staff are unable to log in to ASC until such time as the system has been activated, please stay tuned for more information coming soon on the implementation dates, training materials specific to ASC and the soon to be active ASC employee portal. Please note that there is an ability within ASC to turn off all notifications if an employee does not wish to receive an offer notification for the entire day or for specific ranges of time during the day. Upon initial implementation all employees will have their current primary phone number as the default shift notification, once the employee portal has been activated all employees will be able to log into the employee portal using their current PHC login and password and can then choose shift notification preferences such as text message, email and primary phone number. An employee may choose to receive shift offer notifications through more than one channel, text, email and phone or through only one channel (email, text or phone). We would encourage employees use a combination of at least two (2) options to receive shift offers in case one of those channels fails, (E.g. an employee’s voicemail may be full, may be out of cellular range or in a zone not covered by their carrier network). When ASC is available to PHC staff, we encourage you to try difference combinations until you find the combo that works best for you.

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