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Jan 25, 2018 | News

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Ethics Case of the Month is a new initiative from Ethics Services to help you navigate ethical dilemmas that you might come across in day-to-day patient care.

Every month Ethics Services will bring you:

  • Case based scenarios
  • Complex decision-making
  • Contemporary ethics dilemmas

Comment with your first and last name on the last page of the Ethics Case of the Month with your thoughts, concerns and insights on the case to be entered to win a monthly prize.

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I wonder for these ethical questions there could be a third option, such as "depends" rather than just yes or no. I know this feels like a blurry option, but while some ethical issues are clearly cut and dried -- definite yes or no -- so many fall into an area where we need to look at context etc. For example the Incentive scenario. Is it a clear Yes or No? I don't think so. We do all sorts of things to encourage people and support them in their treatments -- for example ensuring food is available because we know more people are likely to show up for a support group if there is food! My concern about the Safeway Cards is, is this something we can do for everyone? Will the Safeway Cards one day not be available? Is there a better way to provide an incentive to this pt that would also be available for all pts and more sustainable? Etc. Thanks for these online ethical discussions!

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