Tips For Making New Habits Stick

Oct 20, 2016 | News

Health promotion encompasses healthy living, physical and mental wellbeing and is a key priority under the People strategy. Healthy staff result in better quality patient and resident experience.

The Change One Thing challenge is well under way, with week 3 coming to an end. Let's take a moment to check in: How are you doing? Are you sticking with the one thing you wanted to change during Healthy Workplace Month? Are you drinking more water, taking a break or stretching during your workday?

Whatever you chose to change, making a new habit stick, can be challenging without a strategy.

Here are 3 suggestions to help you make your new habit stick and become part of your workday:

  • Reminder-Until the one thing you changed, during Healthy Workplace Month becomes a habit, what cue initiates the new behaviour? Is it scheduling an appointment in your calendar, a piece of string on your finger or maybe you and a colleague take turns reminding each other?
  • Routine-The reminder prompts you to take action! No procrastination…remember, your new habit is benefiting your health and wellness!
  • Reward-Acknowledge the benefit you gained by doing this new habit. Pat yourself on the back. A positive reward makes you want to repeat the routine the next time you are reminded.

Changing habits isn’t easy but these 3 strategies may help you make the one change you made during Healthy Workplace Month, an ongoing workplace habit for your health and wellness.
Check-out Dr. BJ Fogg’s (PhD) TED talk about Changing Tiny Habits, for more tips on making new habits stick (open in Google Chrome for best results).

There is still time to take the Change One Thing Challenge during Healthy Workplace Month! Don’t forget to share your Change One Thing journey by sending a photo or short note to to be entered in the draw for individual and group health and wellness prizes, to be drawn at the end of the month.


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