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Sep 20, 2018 | News

Extend the back to school season into October and November with these upcoming events from Professional Practice!

Brief Action Planning in preparation for CST implemetation

Brief Action Planning (BAP) is a self-management support technique to help people make action plans that address the aspects of their health or situation that are most important to them. It is a practical and highly structured technique that is based on the literature and evolving understanding of what works and doesn’t to help people change. This highly interactive workshop focuses on the key attitudes and skills to support behavioural change using a person-centred approach.

If you are a Clinical Educator that will be providing support for your staff during the implementation of CST, please join us:

Thursday October 18th 0900 – 1600 
St. Paul’s Hospital in Conference Room 7

Register on Learning Hub (Course #18895)

This workshop will be facilitated by the Centre for Collaboration, Motivation & Innovation (CCMI) and is sponsored by the Ministry of Health. 

Overview on Person & Family Centred Care

Person & Family Centred Care is the provision of what is necessary for the health of an individual, organized with the person and their self-defined family. It consists of respect and consideration for their needs, acknowledgement and incorporation of cultural traditions and values into care, and ongoing partnership between patient, family, staff and clinicians.

Patient- and family-centered care leads to better health outcomes, improved patient and family experience of care, better clinician and staff satisfaction, and wiser allocation of resources

If you are interested in this two hour overview, please join us:
Tuesday October 23rd 1400 – 1600 hrs 
Mount St. Joseph Hospital
3rd Floor – Harvest room B

Register on Learning Hub (Course #18914)

This workshop will be facilitated by the Centre for Collaboration, Motivation & Innovation (CCMI) and is sponsored by the Ministry of Health. 

Patient and Public Engagement Workshop

If you are a policy analyst, involved in stakeholder relations; need to consult on regulations or legislation; or, are responsible for engagement in your work area, then this course is for you. This one-day workshop will provide staff working in the Ministry of Health and health authorities with a solid understanding of the Ministry of Health’s 2018 Patient, Family, Stakeholder and Public Engagement Framework and Engagement Planning Guide and how it applies to engagement at the individual, community and system levels. The Ministry’s engagement planning guide will provide participants with a detailed, step-by-step approach to engagement planning and design.

Workshop Outline:

  • Engagement Fundamentals
  • Framework Overview
  • What it Means to You
  • Person and Family Centred Care and Types of Engagement
  • Engagement Planning Guide
  • Case Study Application
  • Evaluation and Reporting

When & Where:
Wednesday November 14
0830 – 1630 hrs
St. Paul’s Hospital
Providence Building Level 1
Conference Room 7

Seats for this workshop are limited for PHC employees, so if you are interested in attending, please email Kate McNamee at kmcnamee@providencehealth.bc.ca before October 15th, expressing your interest in attending the full day.

This workshop will be facilitated by the Delaney & Associates team and is sponsored by the Ministry of Health


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