We're moving into the new year by reflecting on our past and success -- PHC celebrates 125 years!

Jan 8, 2020 | News

Exactly one year ago (January 2019), we commenced the celebration of PHC's 125 year anniversary since the opening of the first St. Paul's Hospital in 1894. Between January 2019 to the new year, we've shared and accumulated 125+ social media posts highlighting the incredible accomplishments and sharing the Providence way of treating our patients with compassion and care for the last 125 years.  

Did you know?

On November 21, 1894 – 125 years ago – St. Paul’s Hospital admitted its very first patient, a woman by the name of Mrs. Woodlock. At the time, the hospital was a modest 25-bed, four-storey cottage recently opened by the Sisters of Providence to serve the health care needs of the growing port city.

It has now been 125 years since the founding Sisters of Providence built and opened the first St. Paul’s Hospital on charred forest remains on the outskirts of a small town in Vancouver in 1894. Since that day, 125 years ago, we’ve been serving patients with the same compassionate and innovative care that has become our hallmark. And now we can imagine the next 125 years of care at the new St. Paul’s Hospital as we gear up for new and exciting changes coming up for the years ahead.

The PHC 125 year anniversary social campaign was just that -- a way to celebrate the biggest moments from our past, present and future for all 17 sites that now embody Providence Health Care's mission, vision and values; and a chance to reflect on the past 125 years to inspire our next 125 years -- #PHCcelebrates #PHC125. 

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