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May 5, 2016 | News

Today, May 5, is the World Health Organization’s International Clean Your Hands Day.

To celebrate, the Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) team is kicking off a contest to test your glove knowledge (a key component of hand hygiene in health care!).

Starting today and running until June 16, we will post a new glove-use photo each week. Take a look and then use the comments section below to tell us “what not to do” when it comes to glove use.

Correct answers will be entered into a draw for coffee cards, PHC swag, and movie passes!

The fine print

  • There are 7 pictures in all; one for each week from May 4 through June 16, with the final draw taking place on June 16.
  • Check out each week’s picture, then scroll down to the comment section and post your guess about the glove use error that’s being shown in the picture. But watch out! There might be one that shows correct use … just saying.
  • Contest winners will be drawn from correct answers and announced in PHC News weekly.
  • Deadline for entries is each Wednesday by 10 a.m.
  • You must use your real name and a valid email address to comment and enter the draw.

Have fun and don’t forget to check back next week for a new picture!

Need a review on proper glove use?

Got you covered. Check out the Gloves section in IPAC’s Standard and Transmission Based Precautions and Personal Protective Equipment Manual.

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No need to use hand sanitizer when wearing disposable gloves.
You don't use the hand disinfectant on gloves. You should be removing and discarding your gloves in the appropriate container once they are soiled.
If the gloves are dirty, throw them out (as per correct disposable protocol) and get another pair. You shouldn't "wash" gloves.
Should take the gloves off, wash hands, and put a new pair on, not wash the gloves!
Gloves should be replaced, not cleaned to use again.
Is this where we respond for the photo contest? My answer: gloves should be discarded after tasks - not "cleaned".
Single use gloves should not be reused for any reason, and no attemps should be made to clean them. Gloves should be removed and hand hygiene performed, then new gloves put on if necessary.
Do not re-use gloves by sanitizing them. Sanitizing foam may compromise integrity of glove, eat away at it.
Proper hand hygiene technique states that the gloves should be removed, and the hands should be washed with the sanitizer before putting gloves on and after removal. Gloves should never be washed with sanitizer!
The person in the photo should not be wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer/alcohol. They should remove gloves, then use sanitizer. Thanks!
there is no point of using sanitizer with gloves on
hand sanitizing a glove--why? change your gloves but hand sanitize in between olf=d to new and after new
you shouldn't clean gloves! you should take them off and apply a new pair.
The person is wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer. These gloves should not be worn they are disposable.
gloves should be discarded & then the hands cleaned with saniter/soap & water
The person should take off gloves before putting on the hand sanitizer!
Using soap with gloves on to wash hands is wrong. Gloves are single use: They should be thrown out once used.
The sanitizing foam is for use on hands, not gloves.
Hands should be cleaned before putting on gloves.
You should use hand sanitizer on your skin, not on gloves. Gloves should be removed before application.
You don't need sanitizer if you're wearing gloves
She did not remove her gloves before using hand sanitizer.
You don't need sanitzer if you're wearing gloves. Gloves should be removed before using sanitizer.
Gloves should not be cleaned and reused. Also, the alcohol in the hand sanitizer can break down the integrity of the glove.
You should remove your gloves before sanitizing your hands! If your gloves are soiled you should dispose of them and get new ones :)
remove and dispose of your gloves prior to using hand sanitizer!
Glove should be removed before using sanitizer
We do not sanitized gloves, remove gloves, wash hands with soap and water and put on fresh new gloves.
all of the above
Dirty gloves need to be removed before and after patient contact. use handsanitizer before and after contacting a patient.
If the gloves are new and unused then you do not need hand sanitizer. If the gloves are used, then the gloves should be thrown away; you should wash your hands and then put on new gloves.
Don't wash disposable gloves! Throw them out after use :)
no need to sanitize gloves! Only use clean gloves, when dirty- throw away!
Not suppose to clean your gloves with hand sanitizer. Gloves are one-time use.
should wear not gloves when using sanitizer not needed.
dont use sanitizer on gloves. use sanitizer on your hands before putting on new gloves. throw out gloves used gloves.
Hand santitizer should be used before donning gloves and after removing them.
Microsan on gloves? Need to take the gloves off and discard than use micorsan!
Hand sanitizer to be used before donning gloves, gloves discarded after use and use hand sanitizer again after discarding gloves.
Remove gloves then use sanitizer
Gloves should be removed and discarded . Single-use gloves should not be reused or any attempt to clean them made. Hand hygiene should be performed immediately following removal of the gloves.
Take off the gloves to wash your hands. Hand Sanitizer is not for cleaning glove! Get rid of those gloves, wash your hands, and then put on a new set of gloves to do your job.
Dirty disposable gloves should be removed and thrown out! Wash your hands after the use of disposable gloves. Duh...
don't need hand sanitizer for gloves, just wash your hands and use clean gloves.
The source of infection now is the pump of the disinfectant canister after he/she touches the pump with a soiled glove.
Do not use hand santizer with dispoable gloves. Need to remove disposable gloves and then use the hand sanitizer.

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