Working Over Christmas? Make It Work For You!

Dec 7, 2016 | News

Nurses in Tulsa got cheery on their unit with this unique Christmas tree.Nurses in Tulsa got cheery on their unit with this unique Christmas tree.

Health promotion encompasses healthy living, physical and mental wellbeing and is a key priority under the People strategy. Healthy staff result in better quality patient and resident experience.

Working over the Christmas weekend? Why not celebrate and make working on the holidays work for you! If you can’t be with the family you’re related to, you and your “work family” can still make it a positive time of celebration. Everyone appreciates you working over the holiday weekend and the positive impact and holiday cheer you bring to the patients and residents can’t be over-stated.
With 2 weeks until the big event, why not chat with the colleagues you’ll be working with over the Christmas weekend and plan to celebrate the holiday weekend with your “work family”. Some suggestions are:

  • A little celebration or potluck on your floor or in your department. Keep all the food, food safe and the Dietitians of Canada offer suggestions 
  • Make it a joint celebration with another Unit. Bring in something to share and staff can drop-in on their break to celebrate with the colleagues they know and share the day with other staff working over the Christmas weekend.
  • Bring ingredients for non-alcoholic beverages to make and share. Here are 15 ideas to get you started
  • If you work at a site with a cafeteria area, if the seating area is open why not ask your family to come & share your lunch or dinner break with you.

No matter what shift you’re working over the upcoming holiday weekend, find some time to celebrate the season. Make working over the Christmas weekend, work for you!


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