Celebrating Respiratory Therapy Week with PHC’s Lena Farina, RT

Oct 29, 2015 | News

This article was provided by, and originally published in, Care ConnectionThis article was provided by, and originally published in, Care Connection

"The team environment at PHC felt like home!”

Lena completed a degree in genetics and was considering next steps when a friend described her studies to become a respiratory therapist. Lena thought the curriculum looked interesting, and applied to join the RT program in Kamloops. At first, Lena wasn’t sure she’d made the right professional choice, but arriving at St Paul’s for a clinical placement changed her mind. The placement, which included time in the ICU “was great!” says Lena, “and the team environment at PHC felt like home.”

Ten years into her career as an RT, Lena was ready to tackle a new challenge and she and her RT colleagues Julie Rugayan and Jennifer Ladouceur, applied to participate in PHC’s Practice-based Research Challenge. The goal of their research project was to explore the barriers to timely extubation in ICU patients.  Lena’s research project was funded in 2014 and has just been completed (She and her team will present at the October 13 PHC Interprofessional Research Celebration – see Page ___) The project’s findings have already garnered attention from the interdisciplinary team, who plan to use the findings to implement changes to reduce the wait time for extubation.

Lena says the Research Challenge was “one of the best things I’ve done in my career” and notes that while “it will seem daunting, especially if you’ve never done formal research before, it is a well-supported process with more than enough guidance.” Lena says that participation in research provides a great opportunity to “look at your practice, and improve what we do for patients.” The Care Connection team congratulates Lena and her team of awesome RTs for their clinical work and their research endeavors.


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